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Welcome to the left-field witty world of humorous artist Tim Bulmer. We are delighted that you have found Tim and be you a first time browser or a frequent visitor you are equally welcome.

From an alternative view of everyday life to Tim's upside down view of the British professional or your favourite sport, Tim never fails to draw comment from all and sundry as so many enjoy his off beat observations.


Whatever the subject matter – be it a panoramic street scene, a lady trimming a large hedge, a vintage car struggling up a mountain pass or a geriatric rugby player there is always that unmistakable Bulmer squint at life which simply refuses to take things too seriously.

His private and commercial commissions, the giclée gallery and more recently the merchandising have all taken on a life of their own as they find a place in the lives of people from every corner of the globe and of every conceivable ilk. He takes nothing too seriously which is just as well in a world sometimes bereft of the light-hearted – more power to his pen!

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